Camels Crossing store front Beverages

Raise a Glass to the Underdogs

Camel’s Crossing works to highlight organic, biodynamic, and women-run wineries

Lex Nelson

Food & Wine reported in March that out of the more than 3,700 wineries in California, just 10 percent have women as head winemakers. California-based Wine & Vines put out even less promising figures on organic grapes, reporting that just 5 percent of the world’s vineyard acreage is used to grow them. Biodynamic wineries, a subset of organic that follows an even stricter eco-friendly rulebook, account for an even slimmer percentage of acreage. All this is to say, Boise wine bar Camel’s Crossing’s mission to highlight wines in these three categories is a rare thing indeed.

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People dining outdoors Culinary

Idaho’s Farm-to-Fork Founders

After 14 years, Peaceful Belly Farm’s Farm-to-Fork suppers are still going strong

Lex Nelson

Entrepreneur magazine credits restaurant partners Kimbal Musk (you may have heard of his brother Elon) and Hugo Matheson with founding the farm-to-table movement, pulling together disparate influences from California, the Pacific Northwest and beyond to create their Colorado restaurant The Kitchen in 2003. But in Boise’s microcosm, that right may very well go to Clay and Josie Erskine of Peaceful Belly Farm, who kicked off a trend of their own around the same time Musk and Matheson opened The Kitchen. Their concept was simple: chef-prepared suppers served outdoors on their 60-acre Dry Creek Valley farm, made with produce they’d grown themselves.

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Plate of German food Beer

A Taste of Germany on the Boise Bench

Das Alpenhaus Deli throws second-annual Oktoberfest

Lex Nelson

When Germany’s most-lauded party comes around, where better to turn in the City of Trees than its one and only authentic German deli? While there are a half-dozen Oktoberfest celebrations taking place in the Boise in late September and early October, none is quite like the one at Das Alpenhaus on Vista Avenue, where co-owner Jamie Webster said he and his staff have already been preparing the festival’s signature dishes for nearly two weeks.

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