Kristopher Ott

Kris Ott, Founder

Kristopher has been in the culinary field for almost 25 years working with some of the most talented people in the industry. A traveler at heart, Kristopher has hopped the globe and his experiences in France, Morocco, Peru, Bolivia and Mexico hold major influence over the menus and dishes he creates.

The majority of his career was spent in the Bay Area & Napa Valley. In 2015, an opportunity brought him to Boise, Idaho where he was recruited as Executive Chef to lead two of the busiest restaurants in the city [simultaneously] for three years.

During this time, Kristopher established lasting relationships with local chefs, farmers, brewers, and wine and spirit makers. From these connections, the genesis of creating a collaborative network for the growing culinary industry in Boise was born.

Kristopher saw a clear need for a platform that encompassed the different dynamics of the local culinary sceneā€”for industry talent to communicate and collaborate, share news and ideas, cross-promote, and more.

Kristopher’s goal of creating a bridge for Boise’s community of chefs, brewers, wine makers, farmers, and small business owners is realized in this site. We hope you are excited as we are about this venture.